Building meaningful teams
Mesa is an independent consultancy by Angelos Arnis. I help with future-proofing design teams through strategy and operations so that organizations can amplify the value that designers bring to the table.

Design operations & processes

Retaining talent, and not burning them out is key to healthy teams. I help teams to operationalize the backstage of design teams so that teams can leverage the real impact that designers bring. DesignOps is something that takes intricate orchestration of programs, processes and people's communication.

Picture of Angelos talking about setting up processes

Org structure & partnerships

The biggest challenge in enterprise companies and growth startups is understanding and influencing the organizational structure of a company and how design fits in. I help teams with visualizing their own structures and creating paths for designers to grow and flourish.

Picture of Angelos talking about organizational structures and design teams

Recruiting, career, & culture

Getting new people in teams, growing them and make them feel safe in a working environment is what often counts as success. I help teams to create inclusive processes of hiring, onboarding, growing and keeping their talent engaged.

Picture of a team discussing their skills mapping in a workshop
Scale your design capabilities
Jumpstart your journey towards amplifying the impact of your design teams with design operations and build structures that will support their growth purposefully!
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